How To Acquire Cannabis in Hawaii

Currently, the purchase of cannabis in Hawaii is only allowed with a medicinal marijuana (329) card. While the legalization of medical dispensaries became legal in 2015, they only started to appear in 2016, so they are not as easy to find as in other states.

In order to legally purchase marijuana in Hawaii, you must first acquire a medicinal marijuana card by visiting a licensed physician. During your visit, the physician will assess your current condition and will decide whether or not the use of cannabis could benefit your physical state. Conditions that may warrant a medical marijuana card include but are not limited to; cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, immune deficiency syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe pain, persistent muscle spasms, nausea or seizures.

Once you have received permission from your doctor, you will be required to register with the state of Hawaii by placing an application for your 329 cards. This application can be filled out online and will require the payment of a $38.50 application fee. This application fee will then be processed by your physician who will provide you with your 329 cards.

Your medicinal marijuana card will last a span of 12 months but should be renewed 60 days prior to expiration to avoid any lapse in medical treatment. Medicinal marijuana is not allowed to be taken outside of state lines, and can only be purchased in quantities up to four ounces every 15 days 8 ounces every 30 days. However, patients are allowed to grow up to seven plants within their own home.

The marijuana industry in Hawaii is expected to slowly grow over time, gradually stretching into the legalization of recreational marijuana. As more laws pass, cannabis will become readily available to the public. It is advised to regularly check on the changing and progression of these laws.


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