How To Acquire Cannabis in Colorado

Whether you are a resident getting ready to celebrate your 21st birthday or a tourist that's interested in experiencing legal cannabis use, there are many options when it comes to finding cannabis in Colorado.

Since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use in 2012, the state is ahead of the game when it comes to making the plant available to the public. Some states that have recently legalized the recreational use of cannabis won't be ready to publicly sell it until early 2018. Colorado, however, have already developed their licensing and tax laws for the industry.

A simple drive into the Denver metro area of Colorado will bring you to a number of licensed recreational storefronts. In fact, over 30 new licenses have been issued this year with the industry continuing to grow annually. In order to purchase from a marijuana shop, you will be required to produce a government-issued ID proving that you are at least 21 years of age. It is not required that you are a resident of Colorado to purchase cannabis, as long as you are of age.

In addition to general retailers there is a gradual increase in smoke lounges where visitors and residents can enjoy a drink as well as a smoke or edible. Look for green signs advertising their business as "4/20 friendly" or dealing with "care" and "wellness".

While it is legal to enjoy marijuana in Colorado, it is not legal to take any out of state lines. So, if you are visiting Colorado be sure to enjoy whatever you purchase prior to leaving the state. Those who are caught trying to leave the state with marijuana can face a fine of $150-$500.

Like most recent amendments, marijuana laws are constantly undergoing changes, so it's important to always check the current laws prior to using cannabis recreationally.


By now you may have heard about the cannabis plant's most well-known compounds, THC and CBD, however, there's more to marijuana than just its cannabinoids. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give plants their flavor and aroma. Found in cannabis and other plants, terpenes have their own therapeutic effects, such as anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and anti-depressive properties.

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