How The Farm Bill Has Affected Cannabis And Hemp This Week

Civilized teamed up with Grizzle to provide a unique look at the growing cannabis market, in our weekly cannabis sector investment show All Time Highs. Grizzle illuminates the opportunities and guides you through the challenges of this new sector, by identifying the opportunities and risks for the new industry, from a ‘big picture’ perspective to actionable, cash-generating ideas. 

This week, the President of Grizzle - Thomas George - discusses how the Farm Bill legalizes CBD across US, which will be a huge benefit for brands as input costs fall and distribution expands. George also discusses, investment in Chronos from Altria and the Aphria saga, which continues, waiting on further data. For more answers on cannabis stocks and businesses, remember to send in your questions.


The legal cannabis industry in Colorado has reached another huge milestone. On Wednesday the Colorado department of Revenue announced the state has now generated more than $1 billion from cannabis taxes since the recreational cannabis market launched in 2014. In a statement, Gov.

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