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How Old Do You Have to Be to Smoke Weed in Oregon?

Whether you're a resident of the Beaver State or you're visiting this part of the Pacific Northwest, you're probably curious about how old you have to be to smoke weed in Oregon legally. The short answer is that since July 1, 2015, residents and tourists who are at least 21 years old have been allowed to consume cannabis within the state boundaries. This means that even if you're an 18-year-old adult in Oregon you can't use cannabis in a recreational way and you can only get medical marijuana through their primary caregiver.

However, just because you're 21 doesn't mean you can smoke weed (or consume marijuana in any way) out it public. Oregon limits adult cannabis use to the privacy of one's home, or the select few “weed-friendly” hotels and other private establishments. As it stands, there aren't cannabis club, marijuana bars, or “coffee shops” that allow adults to smoke pot on premises in Oregon, and there aren't plans to allow for them in the immediate future.

It's also important to note that 21-year-olds aren't allowed to smoke weed while driving an automobile, or even consume weed while the car is parked. You must also remember that you can't transport cannabis across Oregon state lines in a car or by any other means (as this still violates federal law) even if you're old enough to smoke it.

The state of Oregon also regulates how much cannabis adults who are at least 21 years can buy from licensed dispensaries and have in their personal possession. As of this writing, adults (both residents and tourists) can have up to one ounce of smokable flowers in a public place, and the limits they can have at home are as follows: 8 ounces of usable marijuana buds, 16 ounces of solid cannabis products (like edibles), 72 ounces of liquid cannabis products, and 5 grams of cannabis extracts. They can also have up to 10 cannabis seeds and four marijuana plants at home.

To end, you can learn more about Oregon's rules about smoking weed and consuming marijuana by visiting the state's Recreational Marijuana Program Home Page.


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