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How Much Marijuana Should You Smoke?

All new pot smokers are faced with the same questions involving how much it will take to get high, and how much is too much. So, how much marijuana should you smoke?

As with many issues relating to cannabis, the answer is rather personal, and it depends on the individual.

How Much Marijuana Should You Smoke?

Some people take a puff or two, and that’s it – no need for more, pass the Cheetos. Others, especially when they’re regular smokers, can smoke endlessly without any noticeable effect. So how can you find out how much is right for you?

Here are a few tips:

1. Start slow

If you’re not sure how much is enough, start by taking a puff and waiting fifteen or twenty minutes. That might be good, but if you’re looking to feel more, puff again, wait again. Ease into it.

2. Start low

Marijuana strength has gone through the roof even in just the past couple decades. If you’re new to smoking, ask your budtender about a strain that is lower in THC or higher in CBD, which will give it less of a wallop. I also find that smoking low-THC weed is better in social settings where I feel like getting a little loose, but I don’t necessarily want to be stoned out of my mind.

3. Consider your method

While you might be able to smoke bowl after bowl of a particular type of weed in a pipe without issue, a single rip of that same strain in a big bong might tear you up. If you’re worried about getting too high, maybe avoid heavy-hitting methods like bongs or blunts and stick to pipes, vapes, or smaller joints.

4. Don’t feel pressured

There’s always that smoker who smokes more than everyone and likes to urge others to join them. If you think you’re high enough, you’re probably right. Don’t let Smokey pressure you into going past your comfort zone if you’re already there.

Basically, it’s all about testing your limits and finding what’s right for you. So start out by smoking lower strength strains in smaller quantities using a less impactful method, and work up from there. Eventually you’ll find your individual sweet spot.


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