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How Much Do Budtenders Get Paid?

If you're thinking about entering the cannabis industry at the ground level as a budtender, you may have asked “how much do budtenders get paid?” and gotten several answers. That's because there's no industry standard for budtending jobs yet, and wages for budtenders are usually calculated on a sliding scale of hourly rates that range according to factors like the size and location of the dispensary as well as an applicant's personal knowledge and experience. 

What Makes a Good Budtender?

Budtending jobs are perfect for people who love cannabis, highly knowledgable about different strains and products, and who want to educate others about the diversity of products available to medical and recreational consumers. As a budtender, you advise medical patients or recreational users about which cannabis strains will best suit their needs. Budtending is a role that lets you be free to share your passion for marijuana while getting paid to advocate cannabis and cannabis-infused products.

Other Ways Budtenders Get Paid

However, even though budtender jobs are desirable and sought out by many marijuana enthusiasts, they don't exactly pay the big bucks. Budtenders typically get paid a bit more than minimum wage, with most positions paying between $10-16 per hour or annual salaries between $22,000-32,000. However, if your background warrants it, you may make more, as some markets report salaries between $46,000-$56,000 per year. 

Budtenders often enjoy other perks to help supplement how much they get paid, such as discounts on products sold in the dispensary, getting to try the new arrivals first, and sometimes getting to medicate on your personal breaks. Many dispensaries even allow customers (or patients, if it's a medical marijuana dispensary) to tip the on-staff budtenders with cash, food, or other items of thanks, but this isn't a guarantee and not something you should count on for regular pay. Also, some dispensaries that allow tipping also pay lower hourly wages because of the additional benefit.

To end, how much money budtenders get paid varies depending on a variety of factors, and as the industry matures hourly rates and annual salaries for these positions may change. Also, keep in mind that there are ranks among budtenders in the larger dispensaries, and budtenders with management duties will get paid more than regular budtenders behind the counter. 


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