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Here's How Much It Costs to Go on a Date in Each State

One of the biggest worries people have when moving to a new place is how it will impact their romantic life. And now we know, at least in regards to your wallet.

Yahoo decided to find out how much the average date costs in each U.S. state. Unsurprisingly, more expensive states like New York and California ranked pretty high on the list, but you'll be surprised to see some other ones that were pretty high as well. Take a look:

average cost of a date

New York came in number one with the average date costing $297.27. It was followed by New Jersey, Hawaii and Connecticut. Hawaii isn't too surprising, particularly if you count tourists on vacation to one of the islands as being on a "date." But who the heck is spending $250 to go on a date in New Jersey and Connecticut? You're supposed to go to those states because they're cheaper than New York!

The cheapest state for a date was South Dakota, where the average date costs a mere $38.27. That's not even enough to go to dinner and a movie even if the "dinner" you go to is McDonald's. Unless you're only ordering off the Dollar Menu and you get absolutely no concessions at the movie. North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa all finished behind South Dakota. It should be noted those are all states where there's nothing to do.

(h/t Yahoo Finance)


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