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Here's How Much a Case of Beer Costs in Every State

Whenever you go to a party or a barbecue, it's always a good idea to bring a case of beer to help contribute in some way. But depending on where you live, that case of beer may be burning quite a hole in your pocket.

The website Simple Thrifty Living recently commissioned a study to see how much it costs to buy a case of beer in every state. The prices ranged anywhere from $15.20 to $31.21. That's more than twice the price of the cheapest state! Here's a look at how much it costs in every state:

how much a case of beer costs in every state

And if you'd prefer seeing it in list form, here you go:

how much a case of beer costs in every state list

Illinois came in with the cheapest beer in the nation at only $15.20 per case. South Carolina and New York came second and third at $15.32 and $15.48 respectively. In terms of most expensive, Alaska finished number one at $31.21, which was significantly higher than Wyoming that came in second at $26.68. 

There wasn't really any geographic patterns to determine either. The Midwest generally paid less for their beer, while the South paid slightly more. The Mountain states were generally the most expensive area for beer in the country, while the Northeast was all over the place.

And even though Wisconsin is basically a state that's entirely made up of breweries, they still were more than $3 more expensive than their southern neighbors Illinois.

Just more proof why Illinois is better than the Cheesehead state.

(h/t Simple Thrifty Living)


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