Here's How Most Cannabis Consumers Get High

In partnership with Civilized, PSB conducted an online survey with 1,004 adults in the United States and 600 adults in Canada last February to better understand North Americans' views on cannabis. Both groups were made up of both marijuana users and non-users, and they were asked several questions about their personal cannabis behaviors, habits, and views. Notably, our survey helped us learn more about how most cannabis consumers get high.

When asked “What is your preferred method of consuming cannabis?” respondents in both countries clearly answered that they favor smoking dried cannabis flowers in joints or blunts, and not vaping flower or concentrates, ingesting edibles, and using topicals. Overall, 70% of U.S. adults and 69% of Canadian adults said that smoking marijuana flower is their preferred method of consuming cannabis.

More specifically, smoking a joint or blunt proved to be the most popular way to consume cannabis, with 34% of American respondents and 44% of Canadian respondents saying it's the most common way for them to get high. On the American survey, the breakdown of how most cannabis users prefer to consume is as follows: 24% pipes, 11% bongs, 9% vaporizers, 7% marijuana-infused food or beverage, 4% oil/tincture/capsule, 3% dabs/shatter/wax, 2% topicals, 1% homemade device (like a cored apple), and 3% other. And here's the breakdown of how Canadian cannabis consumers get high: 13% pipes, 12% bongs, 11% vaporizers, 7% marijuana-infused food or beverage, 6% oil/tincture/capsule, 3 % dabs/shatter/wax, 2% topicals, 1% homemade device, and 1% other.

Our survey's findings on how most cannabis consumers get high are in line with other major polls asking the same question, like the 2017 Global Drug Survey which found nearly 72% of its international respondents said smoking a joint is their main method of consuming cannabis, followed by smoking the herb out of a bong, pipes, then blunts. However, we think that as cannabis products on the market get better, particularly in terms of consistency, and the public gets more opportunities to try them, both through wider commercial availability or at special cannabis-themed events, marijuana users in both the United States and Canada will start to consume the herb to get high in several different ways.


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