Here's How Many Teens Are Vaping Marijuana

We often hear people decrying the number of teenagers who are vaping nowadays, but is it really as big of a trend as we think? Well new data says actually, it is.

A new survey says that about nine percent (one in eleven) of teenagers have used marijuana in e-cigarettes. That number equates to approximately 2.1 million teenagers in the United States. These results are pretty similar to a different study earlier this year that found that around eight percent of 10th grade students in America had vaped marijuana in the past year.

The issue with this data is it's not clear whether vaping is a growing or declining trend. For instance, this was the first time survey that found nine percent of teens vaped marijuana had asked about it, so there's no previous data to point to. At the same time, other surveys are actually showing that marijuana use among teenagers is hitting 20 year lows despite legalization in several states.

So it's possible that teens are simply choosing to vape instead of using marijuana in more traditional manners, and that those numbers are still declining. So it's not necessarily a huge major concern that two million teenagers are vaping marijuana if the other trends are still proceeding in a positive direction.

Still, we know some groups will use this data to scare people into banning vapes or something like that.

(h/t Fox News)


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