Here's a Comprehensive Guide to How Long Marijuana Stays in Your Body

While marijuana may be legal in some states, that doesn't mean employers are as accepting as cannabis use and can still require drug tests for their workers. But how long does marijuana actually last in the body?

Marijuana Break recently made a comprehensive guide to how long cannabis will last in your system. Of course, the question is somewhat difficult to answer. The amount of time will differ person to person, depending on how much you use as well as your physical characteristics. For example, THC usually ends up getting stored in fat cells, so people who have more of those will retain it in their bodies longer. But generally, here's how long THC will last in your system:

  • 1 time use– Five to nine days
  • 2-3 uses in a week– 11 to 18 days
  • 2-4 uses in a month– 22 to 35 days
  • 5 to 6 uses per week– 33 to 48 days
  • Daily use– 49 to 63 days

Of course, the most common way to drug test is through urine, so it may be helpful to know how long THC lasts in that. Here's the guide for that:

  • Single use– Up to eight days
  • Regular use (4-6 times in 30 days)– Up to 15 days
  • Frequent use (10-15 times in 30 days)– Up to 30 days
  • Heavy use (20+ times in 30 days)– Up to 45-77 days

There are other methods of drug testing that will usually not detect marijuana if it wasn't used in the past couple of days. THC will usually only last in saliva for about 24 hours, or possibly 72 if you're a frequent user. The same is true for blood tests, although regular users could have THC show up a week after use. And for hair tests, which is rarely used for marijuana testing, THC can be detected for up to a week after use.

Again, the amount of time will differ from person to person, but generally these numbers are an accurate estimate.

(h/t Marijuana Break)


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