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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Grow-Ops Attempt To Control The Odor

Many cannabis consumers might love the plant's rich redolence of cannabis - but folks living next door to growing facilities are getting seriously burnt out on the smell.

As legal cannabis expands into larger and larger growing facilities, some producers have been running into issues with the neighbours. Real estate broker Kent Schuler, who lives adjacent to High Valley Farms in Aspen, Colorado, told the Marijuana Business Daily, "it's a drifting cloud, from their huge facility into our community. I don't want to invite people over." Others in Aspen claim the smell has kept down property values.

High Valley's response? Installing a state-of-the-art, $1-million carbon-filter odour-mitigation system on its greenhouses - a measure which seems to have worked, at least for the most part. In September 2015, Pitkin County commissioners put High Valley on notice that operations will be shut down if the system fails to keep the skunky aroma in nearby Holland Hills under control.

Complaints about less-than-desirable odors are, obviously, hardly unique to cannabis producers - folks in Aspen may want to try living next to a pulp mill, water treatment plant, or Sriracha hot sauce factory. In High Valley's case, as in others involving industrial odours, the action a municipality takes depends largely on how many people complain.

Jennifer Martin, a cultivation consultant and industry analyst, told the Marijuana Business Daily, "in areas like northern California there's not going to be an issue because there isn't much of a clash of cultures going on, but in more conservative areas there is. But anybody who lives near (an area zoned for marijuana cultivation) is going to have to understand what goes on there. I don't think there's any way to cut down on the smell 100%."

The upside? With cannabis already surpassing corn as the biggest cash crop in the U.S., new products and services targeted specifically toward filtering out the product's distinctive aroma will also crop up.

Which, on the job creation front, at least, definitely passes the sniff test.

h/t Marijuana Business Daily, Aspen Daily News


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