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How Cannabis Investors Can Use Negative News to Their Advantage

This post is brought you by Invictus MD.

Right now the cannabis industry has reached something of crossroads when it comes to transcending old stigmas and providing consumers and investors with new opportunities.

On one hand, the idea of legalization has reached an unprecedented level of acceptance, with eight states plus the District of Columbia embracing legalized recreational cannabis, and another 20 states allowing for medicinal. But at the same time, industry professionals and enthusiasts nationwide are concerned about what a Trump presidency – and more specifically a Jeff Sessions Attorney Generalship – could mean for legalization efforts.

And it’s not like these concerns are unfounded. For months Sessions and Sean Spicer have been making statements that sound like they’re straight out of 'Reefer Madness'. All the while, however, polls are showing that Americans overwhelmingly support cannabis, with 93 percent approving of medical cannabis and 71 percent opposing any federal crackdown of legal marijuana.

With these disparate forces butting heads, it’s no wonder that some investors are nervous about putting money into cannabis. But if anti-pot grumblings from the White House have you leery of investing in the cannabis industry, it’s time to dispel your fears.

Here are three reasons the challenges presented by Sessions, Trump, and any other negative news can actual serve as an opportunity:

1. It’s your chance to buy low and sell high.

As in any market, bad news can be a benefit to those with foresight. So the attorney general says something that sends the industry scrambling, and all of the sudden cannabis stock prices are falling? The cannabis industry is a titan that isn’t going anywhere, despite the stubbornness of a few government officials. Its stock prices are going to rebound. Bad news and dropping prices might be the perfect chance for you to pick up some inexpensive stock, hang onto it, then clean up down the road.

2. It’s causing public companies to innovate and create new opportunities.

There are a lot of great minds flocking to the cannabis industry, and they’re working hard to innovate strategies that will turn potential blows into benefits. Take Invictus MD, for example, which is protecting itself from the sharp movements of the market by acquiring an extremely broad suite of cannabusinesses. This not only gives it the stability to ride out any governmental obstacles, but positions it to continue its growth as those obstacles are removed over time.

3. It poises you ahead of the competition.

Concerns like those we’ve discussed will keep a lot of potential investors wary and away from cannabis, at least for the time being. But with growing public support, full legalization is practically assured, at some point. That means that investors who get in now are going to be better positioned to reap the rewards as the market grows and matures.

As the old saying goes, you can’t stop progress, and the “Green Rush” is in full swing. Bad news and varying speedbumps are bound to pop up, but that’s a fact of life in every industry. By entering the market now, you’re better positioned to ride out the bumpy patches and use negative news to your advantage.


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