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5 Ways Cannabis Could Save Your Marriage

Search "save my marriage" and Google will happily give you 160 million pages of advice on how to do it, but we're pretty sure you don't have time for all that.

Sure the answer is, "No, cannabis cannot save your marriage," but it could make it a whole lot better. If things have hit a rough patch, perhaps all you need is nature's marriage counsellor, cannabis.

Here's where cannabis can help:

1. In the Bedroom

Cannabis could be called the oyster of the plant world. It is a well known aphrodisiac after all. There comes a time - and we've all been there - where the kids, the bills, the football game, even mowing the lawn take priority over making love. And sometimes you just need a little help to get things going. Sharing a joint will help.

2. In the Kitchen

Tired of another dinner of nuggets and fries? Spaghetti getting you down? Bond with your spouse over a delicious cannabis infused meal. Or instead of cooking for two, cook as two, and spend some quality time making cannabutter together (it takes hours, so see above for how you two can pass the downtime - wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Don't want to cook? Restaurants are starting to see cannabis in a whole new light - as a great pairing with their meals. Date night, folks. Date night.

3. After Work

OK, here's the thing. We all get stressed out, and we all take work home with us. These days a lot of us work from home. And that stress bleeds over into our relationship. Cannabis can help us relax the way yoga does - you can even practice yoga while high. (Cannabis can make yoga and marriage more bearable, are we right?) You don't have to take a weed break at work. But consider a pre-dinner blunt instead of a scotch and soda to smooth the rough edges of a hard day's labor. Once you're both feeling more relaxed, why not watch a movie or play a game together?

4. In the Gym

Stay in shape. You'll be healthier. You'll live longer, and who doesn't want a great body? Taking care of yourself is one of the things that can help keep a marriage strong. We know the relaxing qualities of cannabis may make it sound counter intuitive, but cannabis can help you get fit. Despite the munchies, it's known to help fight obesity. Long distance runners swear by it. So does this super famous weight lifter. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you.

5. Did we mention the bedroom?

Just in case you didn't believe us the first time. We mean it. There are actually specific strains to help if you get it on. If you have the luxury of choice in a legal recreational state, a knowledgeable dispensary owner, or bud tender can help you get horny, even when the stresses and strains of the world are getting you down (pun intended). Good sex can lead to a good marriage.


There are so many strains of marijuana available it can be nearly impossible to figure out which one is right for you. And sure, a knowledgeable budtender could point you in the right direction, but we think we've figured out a better method for choosing a marijuana strain. Take our quiz below to find out which cannabis strain is your true soulmate.

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