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Here's How Professional Athletes Beat Marijuana Drug Tests

Marijuana use is banned in most sports, and yet it's widely known that many top athletes are avid cannabis users. But how do these athletes get away with it?

SBNation recently ran several stories involving sports and marijuana, presumably for the 4/20 holiday, and one of the things they investigated was how athletes avoid testing positive in drug tests. It turns out it's not actually that difficult. SBNation spoke to several athletes who told ways they avoided testing positive. Some drank a ton of water right before the test and were able to beat it. Some male athletes admitted to using fake penises filled with urine to produce a clean sample, a method famously used by former professional boxer Mike Tyson.

But the biggest way athletes avoid tests is because leagues don't really care. The NBA and the NFL both have policies in place where athletes can test positive for marijuana multiple times before getting suspended. And the NHL and MLB both test for cannabis, but don't have actual punishments in place if people test positive for it. (Although minor league baseball players can be punished harshly for marijuana).

If the leagues don't really care, why are they drug testing at all? Basically, SBNation said it's out of fear. They don't want to get in trouble with the federal government, and they don't want to receive backlash from more conservative fans who oppose cannabis.

So it seems like the easiest way to pass a drug test is to become a professional athlete.

(h/t SBNation)


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