The Slow Mo Guys is a science and technology entertainment YouTube channel created by Gavin Free, who stars in the videos alongside Daniel Charles Gruch. The channel consists of a wide variety of objects, stunts, pranks, or activities filmed in slow motion using an HD high-speed cinema camera. Some of the channel’s most popular videos include “Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys”, “Underwater Bullets at 27,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys”, and “Jelly Tennis - The Slow Mo Guys” to name a few. The Slow Mo Guys’ most recent video shows how a TV works by filming it turn on in slow motion. While watching a TV, the human brain and eyes are tricked by creating the illusion of watching a moving object, when in fact the viewer is seeing several still images at a time, just shown very quickly. When the TV is slowed down to 2,500 frames per second, the viewer can differentiate between each still image. Fortunately, this is just another experiment, because watching TV in slow motion will make bingeing shows nearly impossible.