Why Police Threw 81-Year-Old Medical Marijuana Patient Delores Saltzman In Jail

Delores Saltzman will turn 81 in November. She lives in Lake George, Michigan - "a beautiful little place for retired people" - where she estimates there are 2000 people registered to vote.

It’s also the place where she was arrested and thrown in jail - all because her medical marijuana card expired.

Mrs. Saltzman suffers from arthritis, and relies on cannabis to get through her day-to-day life. Marijuana 'made me feel so much better. I was able to function, to get up and go', she says. One day, Saltzman was on the porch enjoying a joint when she heard a knock on the door. It was a police officer. "Oh oh girl, you’re in trouble," she remembers thinking. Her medical marijuana card was past due. "Am I going to jail?" she asked the officer. And if you’ve noticed the title of this documentary, you know how this ends.

"It took me almost two and a half months to get over being cold!" she says of her stint in prison. Get the rest of Delores Saltzman’s story by watching the documentary ‘Mrs. Saltzman Goes To Jail’ by Rebecca Richman Cohen below.

20,383 people were arrested in Michigan for marijuana possession in 2016. 70% of those arrests were for 1/4 ounce of marijuana or less. Good thing Michigan voters have a chance to push for more progressive cannabis laws this November.


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