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Improve Your Session With These Household Hacks

Everyone loves lifehacks - those simple, resourceful tips that make life easier, more convenient and kind of fun. They're a bit like "high-deas," those simple-yet-profound notions that surface after a bong hit or two. So we thought - why not combine the two?

1) Grind your bud in a coffee grinder

Can't find your grinder? No problem - get your coffee grinder from the pantry for some perfectly ground cannabis. Warning: you won't want to reuse the grinder for your pre-work cup of morning coffee. Though if you want to combine cannabis and coffee, you have other options.

2) Put some honey on your joint

And not because of the flavor (although it is kind of delicious). Putting a small dollop of honey on your joint will slow down the burn rate, enabling you to extend your sesh and (pun not intended) your buzz.

3) Change up your bongwater

Bongwater. Ick, right? But it doesn't have to be the bane of your existence. Try adding some frozen fruit to your bong to make the hits more flavorful and delicious. Please, though: don't ever drink it.

4) Want to beat the munchies? Check out your candy dish

Cannabis use can lower your blood sugar - that's why you suddenly find yourself with the munchies. But you don't have to always eat nachos (and fruit, and ice cream, get the idea). Pop a mint into your mouth to satisfy your hunger pangs without expanding your waistline.

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