House Judiciary Committee Orders Jeff Sessions to Stop Obstructing Marijuana Research

Two years after the Drug Enforcement Agency announced its plans to expand the number of licenses they give out to grow marijuana for research purposes, Congress is now demanding Attorney General Jeff Sessions stop obstructing the process.

The House Judiciary Committee passed the Medical Cannabis Research Act, a bill that requires the DEA to expand the number of marijuana producers for research purposes from one to three. The bill would also demand Sessions and the DEA choose the new producers in one year.

Sessions has interfered with the process of choosing new marijuana producers for the DEA, preventing the agency from actually giving out any new licenses. He's repeatedly said he would complete the process in the future, but has failed to do so.

However, it's not clear if this bill will actually get Sessions to follow through. It would first need to pass the entire House of Representatives and then also pass in the Senate as well. But even if it does pass all those hurdles, the bill would give Sessions one year to make a decision, but it also gives him the ability to extend that one year deadline if he requests supplementary information from the applicants.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee actually voted against the Medical Cannabis Research Act because it contained a clause saying people with criminal records could not be involved in the businesses that apply for the DEA license. They said it was unfair to target people who've been punished for America's harsh drug laws.

The sad thing is Jeff Sessions probably actually believes this whole thing is somehow going to stop marijuana legalization.

(h/t Reason)


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