Cannabis Is A Hot Topic In Canada - Second Only To Prostitution

Canadians really want to talk about marijuana legalization – at least if an online survey conducted this summer is any indication.

CBC reports that a federal task force surveyed the Canadian public between June 30 and Aug. 29 on a number of topics. While subjects like the Canada Pension Plan netted a meagre 47 responses, a series of questions regarding marijuana legalization garnered 30,000 responses – the second most answered survey after prostitution

The questions included in the marijuana survey were:

  • Should consumption of marijuana be allowed in any publicly accessible spaces outside the home?
  • To what extent, if any, should home cultivation be allowed in a legalized system?
  • How should governments approach designing laws that will reduce, eliminate and punish those who operate outside the boundaries of the new legal system for marijuana?
  • What are your views on the minimum age for purchasing and possessing marijuana? Should the minimum age be consistent across Canada, or is it acceptable that there be variation amongst provinces and territories?

The survey allowed answers up to 1,500 words, and participants were asked for personal information like age, gender, level of education and personal experience (with options including lawyer, parents or guardian of a minor and marijuana activist.)

There is no information yet about where the various respondents stood on the issues. A spokesperson told CBC that the information would be analyzed and used on marijuana legalization and regulation in its final report to the federal government in November.

The task force has travelled to Colorado and Washington to examine how legalization was rolled out there. It has also visited a number of Canadian facilities licensed to grow medical marijuana, and has hosted eight invite-only roundtable discussions with government-recommended experts.

The Canadian Medical Association recommended to the federal government earlier this week that the legal age for marijuana consumption be 21.  

h/t CBC.


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