‘Hot Ones’ Host Has An Idea For Making The Show Even Hotter…and Higher

'Hot Ones' might be one of the, well, hottest series on YouTube. And it could get even hotter if host Sean Evans gets his way.

Ahead of the launch of Season 9 of the show, where celebrities like Shaq, Scarlett Johansson, Chelsea Handler and Jeff Goldblum are interviewed while eating really hot chicken wings, Evans and show creator Chris Schonberger took to reddit for an ‘AmA’ (Ask me Anything). One particular question and answer got our attention. See if you can guess why:

hot ones ama

THC-infused hot sauces? We are on board - and also a little freaked out. Imagine taking a dose of 'The Last Dab Reduxx' (featuring the ominously named 'Pepper X') with a big ol' dose of THC? You'll need to bring a lot of milk.

Anyway, we wholeheartedly support this plan. So tell us: What kind of hot sauce would you infuse with THC? While you think about it, check out Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron on 'Hot Ones':


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