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4 Halloween Film Festivals For The Die Hard Horror Movie Fan

Feel like hitting the road to celebrate Halloween this year? Then consider checking out one of these horror movie festivals that feature screenings of spooky new movies and cult classics. But you'll have to get a move on. All of these events end this weekend.

1. Screamfest, Oct. 13-27, Hollywood

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If you want to see the next great horror flicks before they become mainstream, head to the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood this week for Screamfest, where independent films will be publicly screened and adjudicated by festival critics. The annual event has launched box office hits like "Paranormal Activity" and "The Human Centipede".

If you're an aspiring horror moviemaker, then you should also check out the mixers that connect artists with members of the movie industry. Who knows, your screenplay could go from collecting dust on the shelf to giving millions of Americans nightmares.

2. Freak Show, Oct. 21-23, Orlando

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If you're on the other coast, you can get your indie horror fix by attending the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando, Florida. The three-day event features over 30 movies, ranging from feature-length productions, to short films, to super short flicks. And like Screamfest, there will be a panel of judges awarding the festival's best features.

3. San Antonio Horrific Film Festival, Oct. 21-23 

If you like getting dressed up for a film event, check out the San Antonio Horrific Film Festival. Attendees wearing costumes will get discounts on admission to the festival's slate of independent horror films. And the best cosplayers will walk away with cash prizes. The festival also features guest appearances from cast members of movies like the "Nightmare on Elm Street," "Return of the Living Dead" and "Friday the 13th."  

4. The Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Oct. 13-21

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Horror film fest's aren't just for Americans. Canada's largest city is also host to the nation's biggest event in horror -- The Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which features 50 new films and shorts that will keep you up at night. The festival has offered fans early screenings of hits like "Let the Right One In" and "Repo! The Genetic Opera".

The event has won acclaim from some notable members of the film industry, including "Shaun of the Dead" star Simon Pegg. 

“A festival with great taste, I love Toronto After Dark! It is an event close to my heart. Winning an award there [for A Fantastic Fear of Everything] was a huge honour and the cherry on top of a wonderful cream cake of a day!”


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