These 'Home Alone' Fan Theories Will Keep You Up At Night

If you're a die-hard 'Home Alone' fan, then you've probably been mulling over some long unanswered questions ever since the movie debuted in 1990. Like where does Kevin's dad get the money to take 15 people on a vacation to Paris at Christmas? Or why does Old Man Marley's mysterious hand wound heal so quickly? And isn't a little too much of a coincidence for Kevin to run into the Wet/Sticky Bandits randomly on two separate Christmases? 

Luckily there's a fan theory to explain all of these issues— from Peter McCallister's involvement in organized crime, to the possibility that John Candy's polka-playing character was the devil in disguise. Check them out in this video from Screen Rant.

h/t ScreenRant


Rock icon David Crosby is not one to mince words - even when criticizing himself, which is a recurring theme in the new documentary 'David Crosby: Remember My Name.' And he's just as unapologetically candid when the cameras are off, I learned after chatting with Crosby over the phone to discuss the premiere of the doc, which opens this weekend (July 19) in New York and Los Angeles. So far, the doc has received excellent reviews from critics who find his frankness refreshing in an age when so many public figures are afraid to go off script and drop their filters. "Nobody does that anymore," Crosby told Civilized.

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