Here's How Hollywood's Elite Get Their Weed

Forget waiting for that shady dude perpetually claiming he'll "be there in five." Online services linking patients with cannabis-friendly doctors are the future. The rise of telemedicine has made cannabis accessible to everyone - even those who loathe the hassle of lining up at dispensaries or sealing grey-market deals.

One of the biggest players in the nascent online-delivery game? California's SpeedWeed.

"Home delivery is how Hollywood's elite have been receiving their medical marijuana for years," as SpeedWeed states on their site. "Famous actors, CEOs, movie producers and other high-profile people can not [sic] and will not stumble into a dispensary."

Users upload a copy of a doctor's recommendation and photo ID to get started - for maximum protection under the law, you're also "strongly advised" to have a state-issued DHS card. After you've made the order, they deliver to your door. Easy.

Along the same lines, the mobile video conferencing service EaseMD works just like an in-person visit to a clinic: prospective patients fill out the forms on their medical history, wait to speak to a doctor about what ails them, then get a prescription.

The service costs $30 after a $10 mail-in rebate, making it cheaper than the in-person option, and considering it's active 11am to 7pm, seven days a week, it's more convenient than most clinics. Once you've got the appropriate referral, you can even get it delivered via the app Eaze.

If the approach seems refreshingly civilized, good news: given the buzz they are generating, we can expect to see even more cannabis-related tele-health options cropping up in 2016.

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Lawmakers in Quebec failed to pass a bill that would have increased the minimum age for purchasing and consuming cannabis from 18 to 21 before the end of the legislative session. When the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) was elected to power in Quebec last year, they brought with them a promise to raise the legal age for buying and consuming recreational cannabis. Right now, anyone 18 or older can legally purchase cannabis in Quebec, which is tied with Alberta for having the lowest legal age for recreational cannabis.

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