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How Hollywood Will Profit from Marijuana Legalization in California

When California legalized recreational marijuana, everyone knew Hollywood was happy. Part of the reason is because of the number amount of stoners in the entertainment industry who now have an easier and more legal way to get high. But they're also happy because it means more money for them.

The Hollywood Reporter ran a story recently about how Hollywood is planning to profit off of legalized marijuana. Some celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Melissa Etheridge and Wiz Khalifa, have already begun investing in marijuana businesses and venture prior to legalization, which will probably become more and more popular among celebs. Whether it's straight up investing in dispensaries or helping to create health-related medical marijuana products, there will definitely be a lot more famous investors in the industry going forward.

But another big avenue is in promotion. Even if celebrities aren't investing in marijuana businesses doesn't mean those companies don't want famous names attached to them. The cannabis company MedMen has received over $100 million in investment with a primary goal being attracting A-list celebrities to endorse and promote their products. 

One issue possibly stopping celebrities from embracing the industry immediately is morality clauses. Many stars sign contracts with morality clauses that prevent them from engaging in nefarious activity. And while marijuana may be legal in California, the fact that it's still illegal at the federal level means some A-listers may continue to avoid the topic.

Hollywood will also profit off marijuana legalization with marijuana-themed entertainment. Netflix already commissioned the cannabis dispensary sitcom Disjointed this past year, and it wouldn't be surprising if more networks and studios began creating content revolving around the marijuana industry.

Let's just hope marijuana doesn't become too popular in Hollywood, or will will get beaten into the ground with endless sequels and remakes like every other semi-popular trend.

(h/t Hollywood Reporter)


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