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Hmbldt 'Dose Pen' Offers Bliss And Relief To Cannabis Consumers

Mike Seashols has founded or worked for 21 companies throughout his career - including a successful stint as tech giant Oracle's first-ever Vice President of Sales/Marketing. But he calls Hmbldt "the most enjoyable one I’ve ever done".

He's not the only one who thinks so. The day after we spoke, TIME magazine included Hmbldt's flagship product, the dose pen, on its list of the Top 25 Inventions of 2016, alongside Tesla's solar-powered roof tiles, the Playstation VR headset, and an artificial pancreas.

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Seashols acts as chairman of the cannabis health and wellness company, while his son Matt is president. The two have worked together before, but this is "the first one where Matt is the boss."

Hmbldt's chief science officer Samantha Miller - founder of Pure Analytics - and the rest of the Hmbldt team have been hard at work over the past 15 months bringing together what the company calls "the first complete solution in cannabis,", the dose pen. 

Here's how it works: Each dose pen contains 500 mg of an oil formula that uses a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes specifically engineered to give the consumer a desired experience: bliss, sleep, calm and relief are the four blends now available, while energy, focus and control are currently in consumer trials. 

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Each pen contains 200 doses - that's 2.25mg of formula per dose - and the company recommends between one and three doses per hour depending on the consumer's level of experience with cannabis. Seashols touts the consistency of the dose pen - a timed control emits a gentle vibration after three seconds of inhaling, to signal the end of the dose.

Meanwhile the heating mechanism has been fine-tuned to suit the specific terpenes in each formula, giving the user a dependable experience specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Or, as Seashols simply puts it, "quality of life is our desire."

Response to the dose pens has been encouraging. Seashols says that in the first 30 days, 6,000 units were shipped directly to California, while resellers were signing up every day. Hmbldt is aiming to launch in Colorado in the first quarter of 2017, with Oregon, Washington, and eventually Canada on the horizon.

Beyond that, Hmbldt is poised to grow even bigger. Seashols tells me that Hmbldt was developed as a brand play with an ultimate vision of going worldwide. To that end, the company enlisted Anomaly, a distinguished global marketing agency, to design Hmbldt's striking, minimalist branding. The partnership was so strong that Anomaly founding partners Jason DeLand and Mike Byrne sit on Hmbldt's board.

But for the time being, the focus is on making the dose pens available to more and more consumers - a group that is sure to grow thanks to the exposure in the TIME piece and good word of mouth. At the end of the day, Seashols says, "we're having fun, we're making some money, but we're improving the lives of millions of people."


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