The History of Marijuana in Wyoming

Wyoming is known as the “Equality State” with the motto “Equal Rights”, but throughout the state’s history, marijuana has not been treated equal and neither has its patients. Some argue that Wyoming’s history with marijuana dates back to 1913 when Wyoming, in addition to Maine and Indiana, banned cannabis completely, in an effort to discourage future use of the drug. Under this law, anyone found in possession of three ounces may face a felony and five years in prison. Fortunately, over the years, a number of lawmakers have fought for legalization, further pushing for decriminalization.

Even though Wyoming is very strict with its marijuana laws, failing to pass a number of measures pushing for legalization, the state does allow the use of CBD oil. This form of medical marijuana is only available to patients being treated for seizures, so patients with other ailments continue to struggle to medicate. Also, this medical marijuana law doesn’t allow any means of in-state access, so three marijuana reform bills were introduced during the Wyoming Legislature’s 2017 session to expand this program. These bills hoped to expand the program by adding other medical conditions to the already existing CBD bill, and allowing out-of-state patients to legally possess their medication in Wyoming. Unfortunately, none of these bills advanced, but by continuing to push, Wyoming’s fight for legalization will.


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