The History of Marijuana in Kansas

Between 1915 and 1930, a half million Mexicans migrated into the United States, settling in Texas and west of the Mississippi River. This move increased people’s fear of drugs, specifically marijuana, so many states began passing laws against marijuana. Kansas joined this list of states banning marijuana in 1927, when it prohibited all forms of the drug in the state. The state’s history with cannabis dates back even earlier though to 1864, when hemp production was common in Kansas. Some say that the Spanish American War was a major factor in halting the state’s hemp production in 1898. By the time the Reefer Madness propaganda film released, the state’s history with marijuana was forgotten.

Since Kansas banned cannabis in 1927, its views on the topic haven’t seen a significant change, as it remains one of the only states with no medical marijuana laws. Even after holding one of its longest legislative sessions this year, the legislature was unable to make progress in medical marijuana. A number of bills were introduced to create medical marijuana programs or provide more protection for patients using low-THC products in Kansas, but they all failed committee because lawmakers are far behind their state on this issue. 68% of Kansas residents support patient access to medical marijuana, so be sure to contact your lawmakers to express your support for compassionate access to medical marijuana in Kansas.


While most trends seem to move towards safer and more well-protected activities for children, this might be the wrong approach when it comes to playgrounds. At least, that’s what a recent video from Vox’s By Design series, which explores the concept of “adventure parks,” argues. "They can play with any dangerous tool, they can take really dangerous risks and overcome them, and this builds up a tremendous sense of self-confidence in themselves," Marjory Allen, landscape architect and the person most responsible for popularizing the adventure park concept, said in an archival interview.

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