The History of Marijuana in Colorado

Colorado is recognized as one of the leading pioneers in legalizing marijuana in the United States, because the state has always had a cultural affinity to marijuana for decades. The state’s history with the drug dates back to 1917 when marijuana was first criminalized since Colorado wasn’t quite as accepting as they are now. Colorado didn’t take long to progress though, because by 1975, the state decriminalized marijuana during a decade-long wave of decriminalization in the United States. By 2000, Colorado legalized medical marijuana under the Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative or Amendment 20, which amended the state constitution to allow patients to consume medical marijuana.

Recreational marijuana didn’t become legalized in the state until 2012, when Amendment 64 passed, allowing adults 21 or older to legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana or THC. Under Colorado law, consumers can now also purchase cannabis seeds to grow in the privacy of their homes. People seeking to purchase marijuana in Colorado aren’t required to be a resident of the state, so tourists and visitors can buy up to 28 grams at a time. Even though marijuana is ultimately accepted in the state, consumers are urged to refrain from smoking in public.


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