Hillary Clinton Picks Legalization Opponent Tim Kaine For VP

Legalization supporters must pin their hopes on someone else now that Hillary Clinton has chosen Tim Kaine to be the Democratic Party candidate for Vice President.

Pro-legalization contenders like Senator Elizabeth Warren were in the running, but Clinton Ultimately settled on Kaine, the Virginia Senator and former Governor of the Old Dominion state. And that's bad news for marijuana reformers because Kaine received an 'F' in the grades given to each member of congress this year by the National Organization for Reforming Marijuana Laws (NORML). The grade reflects Kaine's staunch opposition to legalization.

While speaking at a Virginia high school last March, Kaine said that he wanted to change America's sentencing laws for marijuana offences, but he opposed repealing pot prohibition. "I wouldn't vote for a law at the federal or state level that would decriminalize marijuana," he said.

Kaine is also not seen as a progressive candidate in other respects too. He's pro- free trade, for example, and upsets liberals in the party who think that American jobs are lost through trade deals like NAFTA and the TransPacific Partnership.

Sanders has said he will continue to press the Clinton campaign to adopt progressive policies on a host of issues, including trade reforms, income inequality, and cannabis. So perhaps Clinton will find a role for voices like his and Warren's in her cabinet, if not the Vice Presidency. 

Is Tim Kaine For VP Bad News For Legalization?

Hillary Clinton has selected Virginia Senator Tim Kaine for her VP pick. This could be bad news for legalization.

Posted by Civilized on Friday, July 22, 2016

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