Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's position on cannabis reform is being sabotaged by memes. Clinton supports medical marijuana and letting states decide the legality of recreational cannabis use. But an underhanded meme campaign launched last weekend is trying to paint her as an ardent prohibitionist.

The memes feature images of Clinton, the Clinton campaign's logo and her official hashtag #ImWithHer. They also use bogus hashtags like #StopThePot and #CutTheWeed. 

Here are a few samples from Twitter.

Twitter / Account Suspended

Setting the Record Straight

The origin of these memes is uncertain. According to Kyle Jaeger of attn:, they appear to have started in an unofficial Trump page on Reddit. Jaeger says that he found the images posted there on Sunday, but they have since been removed. But regardless of who is posting them and why, the memes misrepresent Clinton's position on cannabis.

Clinton is actually more progressive on the issue than her Republican rival Donald Trump. On the surface, they seem to have the same stance on cannabis. Both support medical marijuana and both have pledged to respect each state's right to decide the legality of recreational use. So if California legalizes adult use on Election Day, both candidates would respect the Golden State's decision.

However, Clinton's position has more teeth than Trump's. She has pledged to reschedule cannabis in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA)

Meanwhile, Trump's cannabis policy hasn't gone beyond vague soundbites like, "I'm in favor of [medical marijuana] one hundred percent."

So Clinton has the edge over Trump on the cannabis issue. And she is far more progressive than these mysterious memes would have you believe.

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