Hillary Clinton Has Strong Support In The Cannabis Industry

Hillary Clinton has solid support from cannabis industry executives even though she isn't a strong supporter herself of legalization, according to a new survey by Marijuana Business Daily (MBD).

In fact, as you can see from the MBD chart below, she has greater support from them (43 percent) than does from the national polls of the general population (39.8 percent).

According to the MBD poll, Clinton has even stronger support from cannabis industry investors (45.9 percent).

This is an impressive feat for the Democratic nominee, especially because Vice Presidential nominee Tim Caine is a legalization opponent and Clinton herself has been reluctant to express her personal opinion on the legalization of recreational cannabis.

To her credit, she has expressed support for medical marijuana and rescheduling cannabis on a federal level. She also supports states' rights on the issue of legalizing recreational cannabis, and is monitoring the success of legalization in states like Colorado.

Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has views on cannabis reform that mirror Clinton's own views, nonetheless receives lower support from industry executives (26.1 percent) and investors (37.8 percent).

Not surprisingly, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson (himself a former cannabis industry executive) takes away a lot of the support that might otherwise go to Trump. 

Johnson has the support of 15.5 percent of cannabis industry executives. Interestingly, though, he has lower support amongst cannabis industry executives than he does in national polls of the public at large (8.8 percent).

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