To get the most out of a personal cannabis garden, you should definitely consider planting strains with a reputation for producing higher yields. Some cannabis sativa strains (which are often taller and thinner than indicas) naturally result in higher yields than others, so you should take this into consideration when growing marijuana for yourself. To help you choose some weighty specimens for your garden, here we talk about a few of the highest yielding sativa strains being grown today.

1. Amnesia Haze
A popular sativa strain that produces large yields is Amnesia Haze, which has a reputation for providing energetic effects. Amnesia Haze is famous for its sweet citrus flavor and the happy buzz it instills in consumers.

2. Chocolope
Chocolope, which smells and tastes of earthy coffee and sweet chocolate, is one of the highest yielding strains of cannabis sativa you can grow. It's large flowers are sought-out for their ability to dispel stress and offer a dreamy euphoria.

3. Sour Diesel
Also known as Sour D, Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain that has a distinctly pungent aroma of diesel fuel and tastes of fresh earth. It's a high-yielding, fast-acting variety that invigorates the mind and helps relieve pain and anxiety.

4. Super Silver Haze
Super Silver Haze is a classic sativa hybrid that's also one of the highest yielding strains you can grow. SSH produces large, resinous flowers that taste of sweet citrus and offer long-lasting effects over the body, especially stimulating appetite and quelling nausea.

5. Durban Poison
One of the highest yielding strains you can grow is Durban Poison, a pure sativa that hails from South Africa, smells of sweet earth, and tastes of pine. Durban Poison is famous for the particularly large resin glands that accumulate on the flowers (and much of the rest of the plant) and the uplifting, energetic, and creative effects it has on the mind.

6. Jamaican Pearl
Jamaican Pearl is known for producing large yields of potent, sweet-tasting flowers that have earthy, tropical flavors. This sativa is known for providing long-lasting feelings of relaxation over both mind and body.