6 of the Highest Yielding Indica Strains

If you live in a state that allows you to grow a limited number of cannabis plants for yourself and you want to cultivate some indica varieties, you may be wondering what the highest yielding strains are. Cannabis indica strains are known for their short, sturdy structure compared to sativa varieties as well as their potent sedative properties. Here we highlight a few of the highest yielding indica strains currently on the market.

1. Super Skunk

Super Skunk, an indica-dominant variety known for big, dense buds, is one of the highest yielding strains you can have in your garden. Its flowers have a pungent, skunky aroma, a mix of sweet flavors, and a powerful relaxing effect over the body.

2. Gold Leaf

The powerful, indica-dominant strain Gold Leaf is somewhat challenging to grow, but the high yields of golden flowers (which have a strong pine smell) are worth the effort. Gold Leaf tastes of a smooth mix of earth and diesel, and it offers euphoric, relaxing effects over both mind and body.

3. Northern Lights

One of the most popular strains in the world, Northern Lights, is also one of the highest yielding indicas one can grow. The resinous purple flowers of Northern Lights have a pungent, spicy aroma, the sweet taste of pine, and they offer potent psychoactive effects that help you relax.

4. Purple Bud

Purple Bud produces high yields of purple flowers that invigorates the mind and relaxes the body. This indica strain has a distinct smell of sweet sandalwood and an earthy taste that blends pine, pepper, and lavender flavors.

5. Holland's Hope

One of the highest yielding indica strains in Holland's Hope, a variety known for its ability to thrive in unforgiving wet conditions and resist fungus outbreaks. Holland's Hope is a pure indica that produces dense buds with a pungent aroma and sweet, earthy flavor.

6. Black Domina

Black Domina is a potent indica hybrid that quickly produces large yields of resinous flowers, which have a spicy taste with notes of herbs, wood, pepper, and pine. Best saved for use at night, Black Domina is a powerful sedative that helps relieve cramped muscles.


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