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Here's the Highest-Selling Music Artist from Every State

There are certain musical acts we associate with certain states. Chicago has Kanye West. New York has Jay-Z. Utah has...uh...probably some white country singer? But does that mean those artists are actually the most successful artists from those states?

A user on Reddit went through the data and determined the highest-selling music acts from each U.S. state. He then compiled that data into map-form, so we don't have to read as much. Take a look:

best selling music artists each us state

It should be noted that the user chose "birth state" as "home state," which is why Kanye represent Georgia instead of Illinois and Eminem is Missouri instead of his beloved Detroit, Michigan.

There are a few unsurprising ones. The Eagles in California and Prince in Minnesota were pretty obvious, assuming you knew that's where they were from. Also it's amusing that two bands based on U.S. locations (Kansas and Chicago) both made the list. But who knew the Backstreet Boys were Florida based? Or Wiz Khalifa was from North Dakota?

And Mariah Carey is the highest-selling artist from New York? Not Jay-Z? Also, it's hard to imagine Texas son George Strait has sold more records than Beyoncé, unless they only counted her solo albums and not the Destiny's Child years.

Also, I have no idea who Nicolette Larson, Spencer Bohren or Billy Gilman are. So those states are definitely the big losers in the map.


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