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Here Are the Highest Paying Companies in Every State

Everyone wants to work a high-paying job, unless you're incredibly lazy. But obviously high-paying jobs aren't just growing on trees for you to pluck right off. But luckily we can point you to one company in your state that will definitely offer great compensation.

Thanks to a new rule from the Securities and Exchange Commission, companies now have to disclose details about employee compensation. And thanks to this data, we can now figure out the highest-paying companies in each state. Take a look:

highest payign companies in each state

And...I've never heard of any of these companies. So it's probably more interesting to note the colors of each company. The blue states meaning the highest paying company is in real estate, green means finance, yellow means energy, pink means health and the purplish-pink means tech. Believe it or not, the highest company in California isn't in tech!

There also doesn't really seem to be a pattern, other than in the South and Plains states where yellow is pretty prominent. That's not surprising, considering those states are known for their oil production. Although Texas and Alaska, two states you'd also associate with oil and energy, aren't yellow.

We'd suggest dong some research into whatever the highest paying company is in your state and then faking your résumé to pretend you'd belong there.

(h/t HowMuch.Net)


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