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Here Are the Highest Paid Deceased Celebrities for 2017

Every year, Forbes publishes a list of the highest-paid deceased celebrities, and it's usually not super-surprising. It's mostly populated with popular musicians whose music is still played today. But there are usually a few interesting entries. This year, there are definitely some notables.

Here are the top 10 highest-paid deceased celebrities of 2017:

10. Albert Einstein: $10 million

9. John Lennon: $12 million

8. Dr. Seuss: $16 million

7. Prince: $18 million

6. Tom Petty: $20 million

5. Bob Marley: $23 million

4. Elvis Presley: $35 million

3. Charles Schulz: $38 million

2. Arnold Palmer: $40 million

1. Michael Jackson: $75 million

Michael Jackson coming in at number one is not super surprising. He's one of the highest selling artists of all time! But Arnold Palmer in second place? According to Forbes, Arizona Beverages produces 400 million cans of Arnold Palmers (a mix of iced tea and lemonade) every year. Who knew making a less delicious version of lemonade could be so profitable!

Also, it's surprising that Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts cartoons is so high. Can newspapers publishing old versions of his cartoons really generate that much money? And how is Albert Einstein making $10 million per year? 

(h/t Forbes)


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