10 States with the Highest Cannabis Taxes

There are currently 29 states with legalized medical marijuana in America, as well as four with legalized recreational. Each of these states have different rules and regulations over the industry. One aspect that changes from state-to-state is the tax rate on cannabis sales.

If you’re looking to pay as little as possible for you marijuana, here are the 10 states with highest taxes on marijuana sales:

10. Arizona: 6.6% sales tax

9. New York: 7% excise tax

8. New Jersey: 7% sales tax

7. Nevada: 10% retail tax

6. Maine: 10% retail tax

5. Colorado: 15% excise tax

4. California: 15% excise tax

3. Oregon: 17% sales tax

2. Massachusetts: 17% (10.75% retail tax + 6.25% sales tax)

1. Washington State: 45% (8% sales tax + 37% excise tax)

Of course, this is just how much the taxes are. We can also tell you how much marijuana costs in every state. As you can see Washington State has the most insane taxes at a total of a whopping 45%, with the majority falling in the excise tax. In case you don't know, an excise tax is a tax levied on a good or service (things like gas and gambling usually fall under the excise taxes), which are then passed onto you, the good consumer. Just by looking at this list you would think that Washington State would have one of the higher prices per ounce but if you click on the link above, you will see that it is actually the second cheapest. Economics!


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