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These High-Tech Underpants Block Cellphone Radiation

Worried about the potential radioactive influence your cellphone might be having on the contents of your package?

Fear not: a fancy new pair of silver underpants is here to save your little swimmers – allegedly.

Spartan is the high-tech, Indiegogo-funded underwear whose cotton fabric is weaved in with with anti-bacterial silver fibers to create an electromagnetic shield over your junk. The boxers were designed in response to the countless (and inconclusive) studies questioning whether radiation from phones or Wi-Fi can impact sperm count or fertility

"We had been hearing about how cellphone or Wi-Fi radiation could be a danger to our health," Spartan's founder and CEO Arthur Menard told Mashable.

"We realized we had both put our phones on the table and we started talking about how we could potentially try to implement the same kind of technology there is in a microwave inside a pair of boxers."

The creators say they spent months on various prototypes “in order to obtain a fabric which would still feel like a regular boxer.” Once the material was perfected, it was tested at an independent lab and was found to effectively block 99 percent of all cellular and Wi-Fi radiation between 450 mHz and 5 gHz.

While a pair of Spartans will run you about $45, Menard assures that “we’re continuously working on our fabric in order to try to make it less pricey.”

It’s worth keeping in mind that there’s been no actual scientific proof to suggest cellphone radiation can affect your little soldiers, but these bad boys will put you ahead of the curve if that day ever comes. And hey, at the very least, you’ll have a pair of silver underpants, which is kind of cool.

h/t Mashable


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