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75 High School Students Forced to Undergo Drug Tests After Administrator Finds Beer Bottle

A group of high school administrators have kicked off a controversy in New Jersey after ordering 75 students to undergo drug tests. The most criticized aspect is their justification for their tests: they found a beer bottle.

Last Friday night administrators at Randolph High School in New Jersey ordered 75 students to undergo drug tests after a beer bottle was thrown at a football game. According to school rules, administrators can order drug tests when there's reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use. Besides the thrown beer bottle, the administrators claimed the tests were justified because "subsequent beer cans were found in the bleacher area where the students were sitting and standing."

Administrators began investigating the students attending the game, but couldn't pinpoint who the heinous culprits were because they "could not differentiate between who was intoxicated or not."

Because they couldn't figure out who was responsible, they ordered that all the possible suspects be tested. They then contacted their parents and told them they had to find a facility that conducts drug testing as soon as possible, such as a local emergency room. If a student did not get the drug test, the administrators said that would be considered a positive test and the student would be suspended.

Of the 75 students who were tested, less than five came back with positive test results. On the bright side, students who tested negative tests could have the costs of the test recouped by the school. 

Thank goodness the school stepped in to take drastic action to ensure a few students who drank a few beers could be prevented from poisoning the rest of the high schoolers!


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