High School Pitcher Throws Out First Pitch at Red Sox Game and It Goes All Wrong

Jordan Leandre is no stranger to the mound at Fenway Park, but on this occasion, things didn't go exactly as he planned. 

Jordan is a Red Sox superfan, and an inspirational story, as he overcame a rare bone cancer to become a pitcher at his local high school. But even the good stories sometimes have less-than-good endings. He stepped to the mound on Wednesday to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, something he's done before it should be added, and then this happened: 

Luckily the photographer wasn't seriously injured, and was able to laugh it off. 

In fact, he was able to snap an incredible photo right before he was...struck. 

And in the end, everyone was able to have a good laugh, even Jordan himself. 

It's something Jordan remember for the rest of his life, and something that gave the rest of the world a little joy along the way. Except the cameraman that is.


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