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High, I'm Morgan: Terpene Tasting is the New Wine Tasting

Morgan Roger is a comedian and self-described "on-call stoner," who sees the world through the "weird filter" — especially with the help of cannabis. 

With legalization in California having sparked a new wave of cannabis culture characterized by 420-friendly events every night of the week, that's where you're likely to find Morgan — exploring the weird world of legal weed, and, of course, smoking it. Following High, I'm Morgan on her journey through the cannabis space, we'll have a unique lens to experience the plant in all its glory, diving into the wealth of communities, consumption methods, and innovation cropping up all around Los Angeles. 
Our first stop is Rita House, where we'll join Morgan for a terpene tasting workshop with events producer Grassfed, working to de-stigmatize cannabis through sophisticated ways to enjoy its medicinal and recreational properties. Like wine at an upscale dinner, or fine food featuring all sorts of unique, elaborate flavors, cannabis, too, can be appreciated for the way it tastes and how those elements also act as mood-changers.


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