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High-Flying Haute Cuisine In Amsterdam

A match-up of cannabis and fine dining? Heavenly.

But just how to optimally combine those two pleasures has been a sticky question for both foodie cannabis enthusiasts. Not everyone can stomach a full tasting menu of THC-infused edibles - and a restaurant wreathed in thick haloes of smoke isn't exactly appetizing.

Fortunately, Green House Kitchen in Amsterdam has the perfect solution: high-end dining experience in which vaping is encouraged.

Here's what to expect if you hit up Green House Kitchen's Amsterdam outpost.

1. Super delicious food

Gascoinne ox tartar and chioggia beet carpaccio, Dutch herring with beet root puree and rye bread, succulent poached pear cake: these are some seriously sophisticated munchies. Green House Kitchen prides itself on organic and local produce, offering a healthy alternative to the majority of establishments located on the Haarlemmerstraat.

2. Elegant decor

The feeling when you step into Green Kitchen's ambiance is a far cry from some dimly-lit hookah bar: fresh flowers, cacti, and original artwork create a breezy, chilled ambiance.

3. No smoking

Owner Celester Roksam, daughter of cannabis seed-hunting celebrity Ajan Roskam, told Munchies it's important to her to have a non-smoking establishment. "I just didn't like the idea of everyone smoking inside," Celester explains. The vaping-only format ensures you can linger over apps and wine without risking an unwanted contact high.

4. Endless choice - right next door

While they don't sell cannabis on the premises, the Kitchen is right next to a Greenhouse location. Before you head in for your dinner reservation, you can browse some of the strains that have earned owner Ajan Roskam 32 Cannabis Cup awards, 17 High Life marijuana awards, and dozens more accolades at marijuana competitions around the world.

5. Fresh herbs (of all kinds)

Not into vaping? Not interested in getting high? Try the chamomile or rosemary on offer to vape at the table, instead. According to Green House Kitchen, vaping herbs that complement the flavours in your meal takes the dining experience to the next level - although most diners prefer their personal, potent blends vis-a-vis the virgin offerings.

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