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High And Dry: 4 Sharp-Looking Waterproof Coats

Spring is officially, unequivocally here - but depending on your location, you may have to slog through some soggy weather before busting out the board shorts. Fortunately, top-quality rain gear can help smooth the path from "hibernation mode" to "full reintegration to society." Here are four spring jackets to help you weather the transition in style.

1. Burberry Cotton Gabardine Trench

Fun fact: back in 1879, Thomas Burberry invented cotton gabardine, a tightly-woven, weatherproof fabric that protects against the elements while still offering a sharp Kensington modern fit. This double-breasted, Italian-made gabardine trench has a cotton lining, buffalo horn buttons, and an unexpected pop of check on the undercollar. Lovely tailoring and slim set-in sleeves make this an instant classic. $2,095 from Burberry.

2. Hancock Article 41 Raincoat

Perhaps no retailer does rain gear quite like Hancock, named for coach-builder Thomas Hancock who began experimenting with rubber in 1819 to protect his passengers using waterproof fabrics. In 1825, he partnered with Charles Macintosh to manufacture his 'double-textured' cloth. The modern brand, Hancock, is inspired by the 19th-century English inventor who first patented rubber vulcanization: handmade in Scotland (so you know it can withstand some serious rain) with a concealed button front for a sleek, minimalist look. $975 from J Crew

3. Givenchy Mac Leather Trench

Designed to last a lifetime, this investment piece features a loose-fit silhouette, pointed collar and concealed button front. Ideal for layering over everything from suits to skinny jeans. $3,370 from Neiman Marcus.

4. Stockholm Raincoat By Stutterheim


"Swedish melancholy at its driest," reads the Stutterheim tagline: Beat the rainy day blues in this handmade Stockholm coat made of unlined, rubberized cotton with double welded seams. Available in muted grey or cobalt blue with silver buttons and hemp strings. $395 from Stutterheim.


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