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High Demand Sees Cannabis Wedding Expo Crossing State Lines This Year

The first-ever Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver last year attracted roughly 300 cannabis-friendly sweethearts, along with 35 companies offering everything from hemp gowns and 420-themed bouquets to infused catering and budtending services.

The 2017 Cannabis Wedding Expo is slated to welcome 1,500 paramours and 75 companies (respectively) at events in Denver on Feb. 19, Portland, Oregon on March 26 and San Francisco on April 30.

“Every year there are more and more weddings where cannabis is incorporated,” Cannabis Wedding Expo co-founder and CEO Philip Wolf told Civilized.

“People are getting more comfortable saying, ‘I consume cannabis and it works for my lifestyle and I want to include it in my [big day] like I do with drinks, good food, or any other unique services and products you can bring into weddings.”

With more than twice the number of companies scheduled to appear at each of this year’s expos, Wolf is excited to see the ways in which the cannabis-friendly wedding industry has grown in just over a year. 

Cannabis Wedding Expo 2

Photography: Philip & Bec, Cannabis Wedding Expo

“We have a lot of the same services and companies coming out [as last year], but we’re really excited to see exactly how they’re implementing those services and the new products they’re coming out with,” said Wolf, adding that attendees can still expect last year's offerings of cannabis-friendly wedding venues, accommodations and transportation . 

“[The Cannabis Wedding Expo] is really where these products and services come out, where they’re showcased.”

Wolf attributes this rapid expansion to the plant’s ongoing de-stigmatization in event-planning culture, particularly in places like Colorado but quickly gaining traction elsewhere.

Cannabis Wedding Expo 3

Photography: Philip & Bec, Cannabis Wedding Expo

“It’s definitely becoming more and more normalized in Colorado, but with California and [Nevada] passing [recreational legislation] and with all the weddings that happen there, I think we’re going to see a huge boost to this trend,” said Wolf, whose hope is that eventually, cannabis weddings won’t be regarded as necessarily “trendy” at all.

“Ultimately… it shouldn’t be peculiar to have a cannabis bar next to an alcohol bar,” he said.

“Cannabis provides another option where you can still partake recreationally, you can still have a lot of fun, but you don’t have to consume alcohol or party in that type of way… it can also create a certain mood for an event which is different than that created by alcohol.”

Cannabis Wedding Expo 4

Photography: Philip & Bec, Cannabis Wedding Expo.

These once-radical notions are starting to catch on in a big way, believes Wolf. As the Cannabis Wedding Expo prepares to embark on its 2017 season, he is looking forward to the opportunity to continue spreading the good word about the potential of cannabis on your big day.

“A big part of this is educating people… about how to bring cannabis into their special day so they feel comfortable about putting themselves out there to their family members,” said Wolf.

“We foresee [the Cannabis Wedding Expo] expanding each and every year as legalization comes through and as the plant continues to be de-stigmatized.”


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