High CBD Strains May Be Better For You In The Long Run Than THC-Heavy Strains

High-CBD strains may be the way to go if you plan on being a long-term cannabis consumer, according to new research.

The study from Indiana University found that cannabis with relatively high levels of CBD (formally known as cannabidiol) may be “less risky” in the long-run as the compound may counteract potentially harmful long-term effects of cannabis.

Researchers found that adolescent mice that were frequently injected with THC showed signs of impaired memory and heightened anxiety in the long term, while mice given daily doses of THC combined with an equal amount of CBD did not.

The results of the study suggests that “strains of cannabis with similar levels of CBD and THC would pose significantly less long-term risk due to CBD's protective effect against THC," study author Dr. Ken Mackie of Indiana University.

The researchers claim THC levels in cannabis have increased 300 percent over the last few decades, while CBD levels have decreased. The long-term effects of both compounds require further study, they said.

"This is the first study in a rigorously controlled animal model to find that CBD appears to protect the brain against the negative effects of chronic THC," Mackie said, adding that more research is required to determine exactly how CBD counters the effects of THC, and how much CBD is needed to do so. 

h/t Live Science


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