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Here’s Why You Won’t Find Rats In Alberta

After an infographic showing the worldwide range of the common rat was posted to Twitter on Tuesday, it quickly caused a social media storm

The contrast of a single, province-shaped blip on the map amid a sea of red led many people to ask, why are there no rats in Alberta?

Well, apparently, Alberta has a long and torrid history with the long-tailed rodents.

Back in the summer of 1950, rats were first discovered along the border of the province, which had been previously believed to be inhospitable to the rodents. Fearing an epidemic, the government launched a province-wide campaign to prevent the spread of the vermin. These efforts have led to a general dislike of the rat within the province ever since.

One Twitter user even noted that there was a kid in her junior high who moved to the province with their family and kept a rat as a pet. That is, until someone ra…well, until somebody told on them.

It wasn’t enough for Alberta to simply eradicate the vermin, either. No, they had to instill hate into the hearts and minds of its people, too, creating generations of Albertans raised to fear the rat.

This attitude was held province-wide, as anti-rat sentiment was taught in schools, lavishly painted propaganda posters were produced, and the province even went as far to ban the hit Pixar film ‘Ratatouille’ back in 2007.

...That last one isn’t true, but after everything else, who’d even be surprised?

Alberta’s war on rats has not come to an end by any means. The province maintains its toll-free rat collection number today, proving that they will not be satisfied until every last one of the cute little buggers are out of their province forever.

Check out a couple of Alberta’s anti-rat posters bellow:


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