Here's Who Canadians And Americans Don't Want Using Cannabis

The majority of Americans as well as Canadians agree that cannabis should be legal, but they aren't keen on letting everyone use it according to our recent poll. To celebrate 4/20 this year, we partnered with PSB to conduct a survey of more than 1,600 North American adults, asking them questions like how concerned they would be if they found out that world leaders and members of their community used cannabis.

Across the board, cannabis consumers were less concerned about prominent figures smoking up than people who didn't use cannabis. So marijuana might reduce stress better than we thought. But even some cannabis aficionados were wary of certain people smoking marijuana.

Here's who Americans and Canadians don't want using cannabis, ranked from most to least concern among our respondents. 

1. Doctors


Most Americans and Canadians are okay with doctors recommending medical marijuana, but they don't want them having a taste of their own medicine. The majority of our respondents - 58 percent of American and 56 percent of Canadian consumers and non-consumers combined - said they would be concerned if they found out their physician used cannabis.

2. Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Justice

Fifty-eight percent of Americans as well as Canadians also ruled out letting their countries' top justices have a puff when they're not gavelling cases.

3. Their Kids' Teachers


The majority of respondents (57 percent of Americans and 56 percent of Canadians) told us that their kid's teachers would receive a bad report card at the next PTA meeting if he or she got caught smoking a joint.

4. Donald Trump/Justin Trudeau

Trudeau & Trump

Most Americans (56 percent) don't want President Donald Trump puffing a joint while in office. But only 48 percent of Canadians were against letting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau smoke up 

Maybe that's because Trudeau has smoked pot in the past and seemed to handle it well. But we have no idea how a teetotaller like Trump would respond to his first puff.

In fact, American cannabis consumers told us they were more concerned about The Donald dabbling with dank than anyone else on this list. Forty-one percent of them said they didn't want Trump trying cannabis, which is more concern than they felt toward anyone else on the list.

5. Accountants

Almost half of our respondents (47 percent of Americans and 45 percent of Canadians) said they were wary of hiring an accountant who grounds buds after crunching numbers all day. Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) from The Life Aquatic (2004) would disagree.

6. Their Parents

Non-cannabis users in both countries aren't keen on their parents having a puff now and then. Half of them (49 percent of Americans and 51 percent of Canadians) said they would be concerned if they found out their folks smoked marijuana.

In contrast, only one third (32 percent) of American consumers and less than one fifth (18 percent) of Canadian tokers said they would be put off by their parents' pot use.

Maybe everyone would feel better if they could have a cannabis heart-to-heart with their folks like Seth Rogen and Harold Ramis in 'Knocked Up' (2007).

7. Their Boss at Work

Over 40 percent of Americans and Canadians said that they would be concerned if they found out their boss smoked cannabis at work. Maybe because they're worried that she or he might get obsessed with using cover letters on TPS reports.

8. Mail Couriers

Most respondents were okay with mail couriers consuming cannabis when they'd finished their route, but one third of Americans (35 percent) and a quarter of Canadians (24 percent) said they would find that news concerning.

Maybe they were just put off by Michael Rapaport's character in Next Friday (2000).

9. Hairdressers

Once again, the majority of respondents were okay with barbers and hair stylists unwinding with weed at the end of the day, but a third of Americans (33 percent) and one quarter of Canadians (27 percent) said that they'd rather keep hash away from their hairdressers.

But maybe Killer Mike - the Run the Jewels rapper and barbershop entrepreneur - could change their minds.

10. The Next Door Neighbor

One quarter of Americans (28 percent) and Canadians (24 percent) said they didn't want a cannabis consumer living next door. But the difference between neighbors who smoke and those who don't is really about the same as American versus Canadian Ned Flanders.


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