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Here's Where 2020 Presidential Candidate Seth Moulton Stands on Cannabis

This Massachusetts Democrat - and 2020 presidential candidate - has a strong history of supporting veterans' access to medical marijuana.

Over the years, Congressman Seth Moulton has acted as the primary sponsor on three cannabis-related bills—all of them focusing on improving veteran access to medical marijuana. As an Iraq War vet himself, Moulton has taken a strong stance in supporting the health and well-being of other veterans who continue to be barred from accessing medical marijuana - even in states where it's legal - because federal prohibition prevents Veterans Affairs from letting vets use medical cannabis.

Beyond trying to help veterans get access to medical marijuana, Moulton has also co-sponsored a number of other big cannabis reform bills. In recent months, Moulton has given his support to both the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act (a bill that would do just what the title suggests) and the SAFE Banking Act (a bill allowing banks to work with state-legal marijuana businesses without fear of prosecution).

Moulton was also an early supporter of recreational cannabis legalization in his home state of Massachusetts, which was passed via ballot initiative during the 2016 election.

While Moulton certainly takes a friendly stance toward cannabis, voters shouldn't expect broad cannabis legalization to be a central piece of his presidential platform. Although he supports cannabis legislation and legalization initiatives, he hasn't spearheaded any marijuana reform efforts. 

Regardless, you shouldn't fear that Moulton would do anything to stymie a reform bill. And at the very least, a Moulton presidency would likely see Veterans Affairs' grossly outdated cannabis policies loosened, allowing vets in legal states access to medical marijuana. And that's a huge win for some of the patients that can benefit the most from medical cannabis.


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