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Here's Where 2020 Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Stands on Cannabis

Marianne Williamson (D-IA) has been an outspoken supporter of cannabis legalization for a number of years, but as a presidential candidate who has never held public office, Williamson has no record of voting in favor of federal cannabis reform.

Williamson is likely best known as author, lecturer, and activist. And while her key concerns as an advocate and writer have never centered around cannabis, Williamson hasn't been shy about her belief that the current federal cannabis laws are simply unacceptable.

However, since Williamson has never held public office, she has not been able to sponsor or co-sponsor any federal cannabis legalization bills. This means that we have to take her support for marijuana policy reform at her word as there is no record of action to back it up.

Looking to Williamson's official campaign website cannabis is never mentioned directly. However, there is some indication that Williamson is in support of more equitable federal drug laws, as she said the passing of the 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Bill—which reduced minimum sentencing requirements for some federal drug offenses—will "begin what will hopefully be a larger tide of criminal justice reform."

Beyond this, there is no indication of how she would push criminal justice reform forward, nor if she would tackle federal cannabis reform specifically.

So Williamson's vocal support for federal cannabis reform makes it seem that she would lead a pro-cannabis presidency if elected to office. Still, if federal cannabis legalization is a key issue for you, you may want to turn to one of the presidential candidates with stronger marijuana platforms.


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